To CTO or not to CTO
Por Daniela Herscovici Junqueira28 de julho de 2023

That is in fact the wrong question. The better question would be “which CTO?”


There are as many different types of CTO as there are companies, ideas or shades of colours in a rainbow. To try and define which CTO is better, is as pointless as trying to decide which colour is prettier; simply because in order to answer both these questions, context is necessary.

A colour may stand out and enhance depending on its surroundings. But if you apply it incorrectly it will fade in the background. The same goes for these passionate professionals.

CTOs are by nature curious and intense beings. They love solving problems in a way that we “mere mortals” couldn’t even fathom, by using what would have been considered “magic” a few decades ago; no wonder Thor explains: “Your Ancestors Called it Magic, but You Call it Science.” and hopefully one day we can collectively evolve to a place “Where They Are One and the Same.”

Being a non-tech person myself, technology always had a quasi-mystical aspect. Imagine if you will then, how overwhelmed I felt when I was tasked over and again with finding the right CTO for companies. This was a long journey (and on-going if I may add), that afforded me the opportunity to meet many types of CTOs, and therefore understand how each type has a purpose – a particular superpower if you will. I also learned how to identify what the company needs vs. what a Hiring Manager might think he wants.

Over the next few articles I will share my discoveries – which, if we are honest, are my humble opinions, in hope that this might help dis mystify this group of people who have taught me so much, and who I found a kindred spirit with.


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